The Online Programme

Years 1 & 2
Arabic and Adab
Students attain a basic level of Arabic vocabulary and grammar through examples of daily scenarios. More importantly, they also focus on studying Adab. They will learn good manners, a strong moral code, refinement, decorum and humaneness; all essential prerequisites to become successful students and Muslims.
Years 3 & 4
Intermediate Arabic and Quran Translation
Students are challenged with more complex Arabic text and encouraged to engage in discussions; helping to develop confidence in analytical thinking and self-expression. They are coached with a methodological approach to understand and translate the majority of the Holy Quran and prepare for studying more complex texts in Year 5.
Years 5 & 6
Islamic Sciences
By Year 5, students will have developed the skills and attributes to be pious, humble and constructive Muslims. They are now ready to embark on their journey through the Sacred Islamic Sciences (including belief, law, Prophetic characteristics, Quranic commentary) and other texts which improve their connection to Allah ﷻ and His Beloved Messenger ﷺ

Why Online?

Classes will be conducted online using a state of the art platform. This offers several benefits including:

2-way audio and video
Provision of a 2-way audio and video communication system allowing classes to be fun, engaging and interactive but at the same time monitored closely by the teacher who can minimise disruptions and maintain productivity

Students can be split in small online groups allowing for group activities and team exercises

Avoid car journeys
Access to classes from the ease of your home minimises time and energy used in dropping/collecting children to and from classes

All students will be fully trained in using the system prior to classes starting

Our Founder and Head Teacher

Shaykh Baber Pervez has over 15 years of experience in learning and teaching Arabic and has a passion for guiding children and their parents through the journey of knowledge. He has combined his love of language, Islamic etiquette, spirituality and technology to bring together a unique online course for children that teaches the Arabic language and Adab (etiquette) to gain closeness to Allah ﷻ and His Beloved Messenger ﷺ. Shaykh Baber’s amicable personality and holistic approach to teaching ensure that students not only enjoy learning in a friendly, comfortable environment but that they realise and focus their efforts on the ultimate goal in life: to attain closeness to Allah ﷻ

Student Testimonials

Key Points:

Commences in January 2021
Times for countries worldwide
1 weekly online class
Primarily for boys and girls aged 10-14 years
Homework support throughout the week
Limited Places

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