3 Weeks of

Interactive Online Lessons and Quizzes

from Surah Al-Fatiha and the Short Surahs

Shaykh Baber Pervez will take students on a wonderful journey through the beauty of Surah Al-Fatiha and the often-recited short surahs (beginning with Surah An-Naas) that will aim to increase each student’s connection with Allah Most-High and His Sublime Words, and increase their love of prayer.

Students will take away a series of messages including:

The gift of prayer

Benefits of praying daily

The greatness of Allah’s mercy

The beauty of praising Allah

Living righteously

Working to please Allah

And many more…

Dates and Times

Start Date: Monday 2nd August 2021

End Date: Friday 20th August 2021


Time: 11:00 – 12:30pm (UK Time) (Convert to your timezone)

Who are these lessons for?

Students aged 10 years and above

No background in Arabic required

The course has a very limited number of places

Cost: £35/week

1hr 30min Daily Classes – Approx. £4.70/hour

Per Household – No charge for siblings

Live Classes – No pre-recorded videos

Fully Interactive – Children can comment, discuss, ask questions, express themselves and more

No homework – the syllabus and quizzes are designed to help children learn without needing to submit homework, allowing them to focus entirely on reflecting and enjoying the lesson

Flexible – payment is made weekly so your children can study for only 1, 2 or all 3 weeks according to your schedule

Recordings Available – Classes will be recorded so in case you can’t attend all weeks you will have 1 year to catch up with the recordings at your own pace

About the teacher

Shaykh Baber Pervez has over 10 years of experience teaching Arabic and has taught hundreds of students from all ages and abilities. He is the former Director of the Arabic Gap Year Programme, teaching a 3 year Arabic degree in just 1 year; and is also the Founder of JuniorArabist, an online Arabic education programme for 11-16 year old children. He has a passion for combining the Arabic language with spirituality and regularly teaches the Islamic Sciences using traditional Arabic texts.

Shaykh Baber’s amicable personality and holistic approach to teaching ensure that students not only enjoy learning in a friendly and comfortable environment but they realise and focus their efforts on the ultimate goal in life: to attain closeness to Allah ﷻ

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Parent Testimonials from last summer

This was a fantastic course – the children were able to relate to the Quran in relation to the 21st Century. They enjoyed it greatly. It made sense to them and they were able to implement saying into the real world.

Alhamdulillah my girls have really enjoyed the classes and it’s been very interesting for them. 
They said they enjoyed the interaction and enjoy Ustadh teaching them. Alhamdulillah may Allah reward you all for your commitment. 

Great Masha Allah ! Really like the idea of recording so they can revise and make notes- Masha Allah Humza and Haseeb had a great lesson today! I’m glad I signed up for this course.

Student Testimonials from last summer

It’s very enlightening, and it’s taught very well and the fact that it is interactive adds to the fun. It makes you reflect on how seriously you take the Quran

It’s the best time of your life. You will learn so many great lesson and you will have the most extraordinary teacher Shaykh Baber

In this class I have learnt amazing things such as Allah always has a divine plan. Shaykh Baber makes the class enjoyable to attend and always has a smile on his face. With the chat box you can contribute and have an input in the class. I definitely recommend this for everyone.

This class has been one of the best online classes I have ever been to. It is not like those boring ones where the teachers go on and on, it is very fun and enjoyable as everyone is allowed to participate and you have Shaykh cracking a joke every few minutes, which make it a good learning environment.

Us four siblings have benefitted so much. We have learnt many priceless lessons and now love surah Yusuf so much. Can’t wait to understand the Quran more.

It is a very fun and engaging way to learn more about Islam and we really enjoyed it a lot

Sheikh is amazing and so kind. Thank you for giving us an insight into the Quran. We highly recommend

Thank you so much Shaykh for these lessons may allah reward you

This course teaches you to love the qaraan and teaches you many life skills like respect and love for your parents. It teaches you to keep shaytaan out and makes you learn all about the Quran

May Allah bless u soo much shaykh ..ameen u are the best!!!! May Allah grant u house in paradise……AMEEN forever

To register your child please click the button below

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1. Will there be classes on the weekends?

No. Classes will take place on weekdays only

2. Do I have to pay for each child?

No. One registration fee covers all children in a household

3. Will there be recordings?

Yes. Recordings will be available for the duration of the course

4. Is any preparation required?

No. Students simply need to have their notebooks and pens ready

5. How many surahs will be covered?

Shaykh Baber will delve deep into each verse to help students truly appreciate the message and beauty. The course will start with Surah Al-Fatihah then move on to the final surah of the Holy Quran, Surah An-Naas. From there, the course will work backwards at a pace suitable for the class so the exact number will be determined by the students.

6. Can I withdraw during the course if my child can’t continue?

Yes. Payment is taken weekly so you are free to attend for only 1, 2 or all 3 weeks.

7. How do we pay?

Once a registration form is submitted you will be directed to a PayPal payment page where you can securely pay using a PayPal account or a Debit/Credit Card